Raphael Peter Mhone

City businessman in car wrangle

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BULAWAYO businessman and a�?socialitea�? Raphael Peter Mhone is embroiled in a bitter row with a local man who was dispossessed of two family vehicles by his brother before giving them to the businessman for safekeeping, claiming his younger brother was a�?irresponsible.a�?

So nasty is the row that the aggrieved man Sylvan Nkhoma from Pelandaba is reportedly visiting Mhone, proprietor of Providence Films and Sounda��s house in Killarney harassing him and his family.

The matter arose after Sylvana��s brother Monaishe Dainty Nkhoma, believed to be outside the country, took the two vehicles a�� Ipsum Toyota and Toyota Regius from him and gave them to Mhone, claiming although, they were registered under his name (Sylvan) he was not the one who bought them.

a�?Sylvan Nkhoma is my brother and the following vehicles (Ipsum Toyota and Toyota Regius) were registered in his name for family convenience. He never bought these cars but they were only registered under his name.

a�?On behalf of the family I granted permission to a family friend (Raphael Peter Mhone) to be in full custody of the two vehicles while they undergo some repairs and maintenance as well as for safekeeping. The cars were both taken from Sylvan Nkhoma as he is not responsible,a�? Monaishea�?s affidavit reads in part.

Armed with the affidavit, a supposedly annoyed Mhone recently approached the Bulawayo Civil Court seeking a peace order against Sylvan.

Mhone claimed Sylvan was disturbing his peace by constantly coming to his house to harass him while demanding release of the vehicles.

a�?I am the applicant in this matter and the respondent (Sylvan Nkhoma) is coming to my place to verbally abuse me and my family while claiming possession of the vehicles left in my care by his family.

a�?He first came on 24 June and harassed me but I told him that I was not going to release the vehicles to him without his familya��s consent or a court order.

a�?He came back again on 27 June while I was in Harare and verbally abused my daughter. He also went to Nissan Clover Leaf where the vehicles are kept and shouted at the staff while forcing them to release the vehicles,a�? complained Mhone.

Mhone declared that he would hold onto the vehicles until Sylvana��s family ask him to release them to him or if a court order has compelled him to do so.

Meanwhile, Sylvan didna��t come to court to defend himself leading the presiding magistrate Tinashe Tashaya to grant an order in favour of Mhone in which he ordered Sylvan not to visit his (Mhone) house and not to take the two vehicles in question without a court order or consent from the family. The magistrate also ordered Sylvan not to harass Mhone and his family. efectos secundarios del medformin. online dug store.