Abel Ndowa

Church leadership dispute resolved after 11 years

Abel Ndowa

Abel Ndowa

DIVISIONS which have been prevailing in the Nguva Yekupedzisira Apostolic Church for the past 11 years following the death of its founder Emmanuel Chindove have finally been resolved with his son aged 14, being legally chosen as the leader.
It is reported that the death of Chindove, who was also known as Siziba, sparked vicious power struggles which led to the church and the congregation being divided into two factions.

The deceaseda��s wife Sithembiso Marumisa Chindove led one of the church factions while the other one was being led by an Archbishop Alfonso Mutasa.

The family led faction believed that the new leader of the church had to be chosen within family members while the other one was of the view that anyone from the congregation should be chosen as the leader.

The two divisions have always been at loggerheads on the use of the churcha��sA�A�A�A� name and access to the founder membera��s grave in his rural home in Zaka District, Masvingo.

In an interview with B-Metro, Archbishop Abel Ndowa said the power struggles dispute was ruled in favour of Nguva Yekupedzisira Apostolic Church which was being represented by Murhama Chindove. The respondent was Alfonso Mutasa who belongs to the breakaway faction.

a�?It is ordered that Murhama Chindove be and is hereby declared the leader of Nguva Yekupedzisira Apostolic Church.

a�?The respondent must hand over the date stamp, Certificate of Registration, Constitution and all the funds and records for Nguva Yekupedzisira Apostolic Church and all documents relating to the immovable property for church being 3906 Gwabalanda, Luveve, Bulawayo within five days of this order,a�? the order read in part.

It is reported that according to the legal aspects of the churcha��s constitution, it is stated that the son of the founder member should take over the throne when he dies.

a�?In the event that the founder of the church died, his son shall assume the position left vacant by the father. In the event that the child has not reached the age of majority, the young brother shall assume the highest position of the church until such a time the son attains the legal age of majority of the Land. He shall exercise the powers, rights and privileges as was being enjoyed by the founder,a�? reads part of the constitution.

In line with the above clause in the constitution, his son, Mutsvene Mutsvene Chindove (14), is the successor.

a�?Mutsvene Mutsvene Chindove is supposed to be the leader of the church as he is Chindovea��s first born son, but he is still at school where he is currently doing Form One. His uncle Murhama Chindove has already stepped in as expected and Mutsvene will resume his duties when he has reached the age of majority,a�? said Ndowa. real viagra online.