Chunky Phiri

Chunky lands SA soap role

Sesisa Gumede
THE multi-talented Nkululeko Phiri (left)popularly known as Chunky is on his way to the big league!
This is cemented by his recent appearance on popular South African soap Rhythm City where he landed a role as Miles Vilazia��s physician, Doctor Motsepe.

Before he infiltrated the South African showbiz industry, Phiri appeared on the infamous movie, Everyonea��s child. He was also a presenter on Musical request and Ezomgido. Besides acting and presenting, Phiri has also featured on television commercials and is also a singer.

He was a member of the group Hawu lesizwe.
Phiri joined Rhythm City in July after he got a guest role, in which he would be coming in and out of the story as he is linked to one of the main protagonists, Miles Vilakazi.

The actor says it is not by chance that he landed the role but it was through hard work and perseverance.

a�?Competition is high in South Africa, let alone Gauteng. It needs dedication and professionalism. You have to be in time when you are called in for auditions for you only have one chance to impress and that is how I got the part.

a�?Ia��m glad to be working with a reputable agency for they were able to do all the ground work for me. This lessens the actorsa�� burden of chasing auditions as you get to focus more on refining your skills as an actor,a�? said Phiri.

The actor further highlighted that what has helped him infiltrate the South African market is that he is multi-lingual and other actors should also learn more languages if they want to broaden their wings.

a�?I think as an artiste you should not limit yourself to knowing your mother tongue and English. The more languages you learn the better the chances of landing jobs. It has never been easy to break into the market which is why one has to enhance their skills.

a�?I have had the privilege to learn Tsonga, Shangaan, Venda and Sotho which I understand and speak fluently. This is a country with 11 official languages and there is at least a production in every language, the more languages you know the better the chances to audition or land a role in more than one local production,a�? he said.

Phiri has also auditioned for another South African soap Generations and is also involved in commercials for different companies and he is also a celebrity fitness trainer. He also said there is a lot he is working on together with his agency but he could not disclose more detail.

A number of Zimbabweans have also made their way into the South African showbiz industry. Actors like Ernest Ndlovu and Leroy Gopal cannot go unmentioned when one talks of actors flying the Zimbabwean flag high.

Popular Zimbabwean actor Leroy Gopal flew the Zimbabwean flag high when he scooped an award at the South African Film and Television Awards when he won the Best Actor in a Comedy award for his role as Oleshe in a comedy called Sesa��Top La.

Gopal has starred in a number of South African popular sitcoms like Backstage and Jacoba��s Cross. He also featured on Generations. Besides acting he has also featured in television commercials. bulk cialas.