Chit chat: Nicholas Nomvete

Generations actor Thato Molamu (26) tells Lesley Mofokeng hea��s not the scheming Nicholas Nomvete viewers love to hate.
How has your life changed since you played Nicholas?

Ita��s been positive and negative. A lot of people take this character seriously and they think Ia��m Nicholas.

Some people wona��t even say hello to me out of disgust and some come up to me and tell me how much they hate the character.

Parents have not hesitated to tell me that Nicholas is annoying.

I was almost assaulted on a recent trip to Durban when a woman approached me and threatened to hit me; I had to escape and run across the road.

Whata��s your opinion of Nicholas?

He is a troubled individual. We know spoilt brats and how they dona��t think of the consequences of their actions, especially at that age.

Upbringing is important, and it shows in how he is disrespectful. He believes in short-cuts, but all will be revealed soon as to why his behaviour has been like that.

His methods are unorthodox.

What do you consider your greatest talent?

I grasp my characters quickly.

I get to understand what they are about faster because of the love I have for what I do. For the role of Olayx in Cards, I had to rehearse at 9am and be on stage at 8pm on the same day. I also had to learn my lines faster when I replaced Siyabonga Twala in The Suitcase.

What doesna��t the public know about you?

I am very shy. Ita��s one of those things Ia��ve had to live with.

I normally allow someone to start a conversation, otherwise I sit quietly.

Has coming from Mafikeng been a great help or a hindrance to you getting a big break?

It has turned out to be the biggest thing for me. If I had come from another town, I wouldna��t have been able to work with greats like (playwright) Paul Grootboom who introduced us to Shakespeare. And he was hard on us.

At North West Arts Council, I got to meet big names such as A�Vusi Kunene and Aubrey Sekhabi who all inspired us to be the best.

Whata��s the one thing you consider a threat to your career? wellbutrin xl 150 buy.
Ita��s a stage I havena��t reached and hope never to reach, and that is to get a big head. This industry is pretentious and one can lose your head in it.

I know that if I were to quit I would go back to theatre. The price of fame is too much and that is not a joke.

Everything you do goes under the microscope, I know somebody (journalists) has to do their job but leta��s not pull each other down.

Three things you cana��t live without?
First, my family. They have been the core support other than my true friends.

Ita��s hard to support a son who wants to be an actor and goes without work for a while. But wea��re a praying family and wea��ve seen success happen.

Second, my iPhone. I have become addicted to Twitter and Facebook and use them for personal marketing.

Finally, nice clothes. I love trendy clothes and looking good. a�� City Press