Children pawned in bitter lobola disagreement

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Norah Lunga is refusing to hand over her grandchildren to their parents because their father has not paid lobola.

But their grandfather, Mandla Lunga wants them gone as soon as yesterday as such, the impasse has caused a rift in the family.

Out of frustration Mandla developed a habit of beating up Norah but it yielded nothing so he threw the children out.

Norah has since approached the courts to mediate over the situation at her home that has resulted in abuse.

a�?Lunga abuses my grandchildren and I.A� He is always assaulting and shouting at us. He does not want to stay with these children.

a�?He chased away the 11 year-old boy and can the court kindly stop him from abusing the children?a�? she said.

Mandla did not deny the allegations but instead gave reasons as to why he had resorted to abuse.

a�?She is refusing to claim maintenance on behalf of our grandchildren and does not want the child to go to his father because she is demanding lobola,a�? said Lunga.

The presiding magistrate Tancy Dube granted the interim order and referred the couple for counselling so that their problem could be solved at the same time find a way about childrena��s welfare.

According to a report from the counsellor, the session was successful. The childrena��s parents were made aware of their roles and that it was their obligation to take care of them.

The childrena��s mother was advised to apply for maintenance and move them to stay with her. viagra manufacturer coupon is there viagra for women. . valacyclovir 500 mg online pharmacy kamagra now. .