Chiefa��s staying calm

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NEW Boys Bulawayo Chiefs believe the league is still within their grasp and havena��t pressed the panic button yet.

Chiefs succumbed to a 1-0 defeat over the weekend at the hands of Mutare City, making a total of two losses, three draws and one win.

Bulawayo Chiefs secretary general Dumisani Sibanda believes ita��s a brief setback and his team will find their rhythm.

a�?We have been losing away games. That is normal because the teams we have been playing had home advantage. Generally, we will be targeting a draw when we are playing away games and a win will be an added advantage. Losses in our home ground are the ones we seek to avoid at all costs.a�?

Sibanda said the team had not been performing well because a lot of things were at play.

a�?A lot of things are at play at the moment, other players have fatigue while others are not on form but I believe as time progresses the players will pick up their form and give the team better results,a�? said Sibanda.

For a team that is new in the topflight scene, Chiefs have performed well and are safe from the relegation axe although the league is still in its infant stage.

a�?The Premier league is quite different from the Division One league. We are not certain of anything.

Ita��s either we win some or lose some but we believe our team will try to hang in there,a�? said Sibanda.

Sibanda said the goal was not winning the PSL league title this season but staying in the PSL.