Chief saves teen from $3 forced marriage

Walter Mswazie
A POVERTY-STRICKEN man from Gutu in Masvingo allegedly pledged to give away his 18-year-old daughter as a wife to a fellow villager.Roland Mutero of Mukozho Village is due to appear before Chief Munyaradzia��s court facing charges of forcing his daughter into marriage.

It is alleged that Priscilla was forced to marry Gabriel Mushonga after she had spent the night away from home and her father seized the opportunity to arrange a marriage.

However, Chief Munyaradzi had to come to the girla��s rescue and thwart the purported marriage.

Sources said last week on Saturday, Mutero assigned Priscilla to go and sell vegetables at Munyaradzi Business Centre and she spent all the money ($3) that she raised.

Realising that her short-tempered father would not have any of it, Priscilla did not return home and instead spent the night at a neighboura��s homestead.

Priscilla left the neighboura��s homestead the following morning but could not go home as she did not want to risk her fathera��s wrath.A� She then started loitering in the nearby bush and that is where she met Mushonga who asked her why she looked dejected and alone in the bush.

Priscilla is said to have narrated her ordeal to Mushonga who courted her before convincing her to go home and meet her father.

Upon reaching home, Mutero asked where Priscilla had spent the night but not before he savagely beat her using sticks. She disclosed where she had been and he ordered her in no uncertain terms to return to where she had spent the night.

After learning about her meeting with Mushonga, Mutero ordered Priscilla to go to his homestead and be his wife.
Mutero allegedly told Priscilla that he always wanted her to get married to Mushonga and the only way for his mission to be accomplished was for her to say that they had spent the night together so that he could be forced to marry her.

Fearing for her life, Priscilla went to Mushongaa��s homestead where she told him what her father had said. Mushonga took her to Chief Munyaradzi where they made a report leading to Mutero being summoned.

The matter was postponed to Sunday for judgment.

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