Chicco calls Senzo Meyiwaa��s dad to order

Veteran musician and top businessman Sello a�?Chiccoa�? Twala has ordered Senzo Meyiwaa��s loudmouthed father, Sam Meyiwa, to prove his claims or shut up.a�?Ia��m warning him; he is not God and he must stop giving false interviews to publications that practise chequebook journalism.

a�?Meyiwaa��s comments . . . that he knows the killers of the late Orlando Pirates goalkeeper are misleading and can endanger the lives of people who were present when the Bafana Bafana keeper was murdered.a�?

Meyiwa senior told Drum magazine that the killers of Senzo were those who were with him on the day he was murdered last year.

a�?I am saying this because my son was present when Meyiwa was killed, so ita��s irresponsible for him to talk as if he (Senzoa��s father) was present when this incident occurred,a�? he said in a written statement to Sunday World.

Meyiwa senior hit back at Twala saying the musician was out of order for criticising him.

a�?Was his boy the only one in that house?a�? he asked.

a�?As far as I know, there were three boys in that house when the incident happened. Why is he the only one concerned? Is he guilty of something?

Meyiwaa��s utterances came after an alleged prankster posted a statement on Twitter that the footie player was killed by the boyfriend of Kelly Khumaloa��s sister Zandi who was with the soccer star in the house. The prankster said the boyfriend shot Meyiwa by mistake when he was fighting with Zandia��s ex-boyfriend.

It later emerged that the boyfriend was Twalaa��s son Longwe. haldol 10 mg sol.