Charles Mungoshi Jnr

Charles Mungoshi Jnr enters fray

Nhlalwenhle Ngwenya
Charles Mungoshi (67) is a literary guru whose anti colonial works such as Waiting For the Rain (1975) are high up there with the best to come out of Zimbabwe. It seems he passed his writing DNA to his son Charles Mungoshi junior.

Charles Mungoshi junior (29) in some circles stirs confusion because people know his father. However, the junior suffix of his name clarifies matters.

Unlike his father, he has tried his hand in motivational writing- that sets him apart from the man who inspired his entry into the literary arts. In 2014, he published a�?Candle of Thoughtsa�� a book that offers a beautiful argument that people should live an authentic life that tackles peoplea��s deepest fears.

a�?He holds the greatest influence in my work because I feel more alive and fulfilled when I write which is his most important aspect of life – being satisfied,a�? he said about daddy dearest.

Mungoshi jnra��s latest offering is titled a�?The Curse of Being Young & Successfula�?. It is based on the life of youthful entrepreneur and Affirmative Action Group boss Chamu Chiwanza. But in his view his best work as yet is a�?Snippets Of my Versatile Minda��.

a�?I just recently released more titles into the market so I am waiting on the readera��s view. On a personal note my favourite is Snippets of My Versatile Mind,a�? he said.

Clearly, the storytelling aspect in the Mungoshi family is not necessarily the same. The younger chose motivational writing, whereas his father is into the social and political narrative.

Mungoshi jnr does not rule out trying his luck in what his father specialises in.

a�?I am into inspiration and motivational works although I have a few short stories in the pipeline,a�? he added.

Mungoshi jnr is not a trained writer. He attributes his writing to being an inert talent.

a�?I went to school for the general purpose which is to develop my mind but my writing is an inborn gift. I never studied literature at school, I simply did art. Writing is a nature within me,a�? he said.

Like children of other greats in other disciplines he admits that being a Mungoshi gave him an advantage.

a�?The name is a blessing because it gives me a platform to be heard. I am the younger version of what he did and is doing. I am sure it is going to be sustained and built further,a�? he said expressing the hope the legacy would continue in the family. lasix without a script.