Chameleon attends burial, torments family

Nhlalwenhle Ncube
A FAMILY from Masinge village in Mwenezi is reportedly being terrorised by a a�?weirda�� chameleon which acts like a human being and it disappears when they want to kill it.

The chameleon is said to have first appeared during the burial of Mbuya Joyce Muronda and since then it became a regular visitor at the familya��s homestead.

a�?It was during the funeral service when a chameleon was spotted moving around the grave.

a�?Some mourners tried to scare it away, but it stayed put by the grave.

a�?Mourners left it there, but surprisingly when they got to the homestead it was there under a tent,a�? said a village source.

No one had the courage to kill it because they were suspicious it was not an ordinary chameleon.

A few days after the funeral the Muronda family told their neighbours that they were having sleepless nights because of the chameleon and its funny sounds.

a�?We were surprised when we were told that the chameleon which became the talk of the village on burial day was haunting the family.

a�?They were failing to sleep as it was making funny sounds at night and during the day it was all over the homestead not even running away from people,a�? said the source.

Mbuya Joyce Murondaa��s daughter confirmed the reports.

a�?The family is being terrorised by a strange chameleon. It all started after my mothera��s burial and it is scary as it acts like a human being.

a�?It does not run away from people, or change colours.A� When you are seated it moves closer and stares at you.

a�?We have failed to kill it as it disappears and the traditional healer whom we had invited to our homestead failed to trap it as well,a�? said Dorothy Muronda.

She revealed that next weekend they would have all night prayers at their homestead being led by prophets from the Johane Masowe Apostolic Church.