Centenarian dies at 114

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A LOWER Gweru woman who had lived for 114 years recently died in her sleep after having lived to see her 267 great grandchildren.

Ester Mpofu was born on 25 December 1901 and got married to Zwinga Dube who died in 1991.

She had 12 children, six boys and six girls. However, she outlived most of them with only three girls still alive.

Dube, who died on 12 November had become somewhat a living ancestor because in all she had 72 grandchildren, then 22 died leaving her with 50.

She could be compared to the biblical Sarah who was Abrahama��s wife. Sarah had 351 grandchildren and great grandchildren before she lost 56 of them bringing the number to 295.

Mpofu died as a result of old age.

a�?At the time of her death she had difficulties in walking and her skin was peeling off.A� We took her to doctors but they said her condition was due to old age. Her body was swelling and her asthmatic condition was also a factor,a�? saidA� Ezekiel Sibanda her grandson.

Mpofu could pass as one of the earliest children to be converted into Christianity in Rhodesia.

She loved reading the bible.

a�?Although she was old, she loved sharing bible messages with us each time she got a chance. She was so passionate about her family and encouraged us to be united all the time and never let anything to come between us,a�? said Sibanda.