AKA at Kalawa (3)

Cassper vs AKA: Who won the night

isotretinoin for sale. Bruce Ndlovu
It is the feud that has divided the music community for almost two years.

In all walks of life people have been forced to take sides as the a�?Super Megaa�? and the a�?Sexy Chubby Niggaa�? from Mafikeng vie for supremacy.

On the charts, on songs and on social media the two have tried to outdo each other, with each manoeuvre failing to deal their rival the death blow that will bring to an end a beef that has sometimes threatened to turn violent.

While Cassper filled up the dome and released another platinum selling album, AKA (PICTURED ABOVE) won numerous awards and was last week listed as the most played artiste on South African radio.

Casper at Kalawa

Casper at Kalawa

The beef has spurred the two to scale peaks many never thought were possible in South African hip-hop.

After a year of on and off clashes, the two finally made their way to the City of Kings for the Kalawa Homecoming in a clash akin to Ali and Foremana��s rumble in the jungle square off.

Bulawayo had the chance to witness the two rivals perform back to back and thus decide who between the two won the Bulawayo leg of their battle and who walked out of the city of kings with the crown.

The Performances
The two, like the rest on the high powered Kalawa roster, were there to entertain and entertain they did. Both have been touted as the best performers south of the Limpopo and their showings on the night illustrated why.

AKA was the first on stage and he ran through his set with unparalleled energy and ease. The Super Megaa��s set illustrated his longevity in the game as he brought some of his hits of yesteryear like Jealousy in addition to his newer songs like the smash hit, Baddest. The crowd response when he performed the Nyovest diss track Composure felt like he was one-up on his rival before he had even performed.

Nyovest was not to be outdone, proved that although he has not been as long as his rival in the music industry, he still has an impressive catalogue of hits that can stand up to artistes with a longer discography. His performance was also the more impressive, as he managed to make time to appear during Cal_vina��s rendition of Zkhuphana��.

The crowd
If a hip hop MCa��s main purpose is to a�?Move the Crowda�? as the genre fore-bearers are always quick to remind upstarts, then Nyovest and AKA proved their credentials on the night.

The battle between the two has been as much a PR one as a musical one and after kicking a fan off stage earlier this year AKA has been typecast as a villainous performer that doesna��t care about his followers.

The rappera��s interaction with the hard to please Kalawa crowd was nothing less than impressive, as he managed to pull them into the performance of song.A� As if to prove the popularity of his songs, most fans knew his songs by heart and the rapper was more than happy to let them rap along with him.

Due to the fact that, unlike his rival who raps only in English, most of Nyovesta��s lyrics are in Tswana hence some of his songs did not have the same sing along value. However, the rapper still got some of the loudest responses on the night and ending his set with Turn up Gang, a song that he reserves for live performances, was a masterstroke.