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Byoa��s biggest Vuzu party

Bruce Ndlovu
Vuzu parties, which over the last few years have taken Bulawayo youths by storm, continue to grow strong despite efforts by authorities to nip them in the bud.

The strongest indication that the parties had indeed become a serious issue came two months ago when Minister of Home Affairs Ignatius Chombo told the media that the government was drafting strategies to plug loopholes that were enabling the holding of the parties.

The parties are mainly attended by children of school going age on weekends.

Last Saturday B-Metro managed to sneak into probably the biggest Vuzu party of the year.

Dubbed a�?The Kalawa of Vuzu Partiesa�? the annual All Star Party, held traditionally in the leafy suburb of Hillside, has become the highlight of the citya��s youth party scene.

Unlike similar parties that are held sporadically throughout the year, the All Star party is known for its high level organisation which has seen it attract big crowds in all its three editions.

While other competitors have fallen by the wayside, the All Star extravaganza has grown from strength to strength.

The party, which takes place every year after the end of both O-level and A-level exams, has also seemingly filled the gap left by the Centenary Trade Fair fireworks display which also took place around the same time.

The party has always been known for its fashion themes with last Saturdaya��s event themed the All Black Party.

The excitement and hype around the event was palpable from the afternoon around Haddon and Sly, the traditional pick-up point for Vuzu parties, with many already dressed in the nighta��s theme colour while others consulted city tailors as they made frantic last minute adjustments to their garments.

When the time for the event came the place was packed to the rafters, with cars stretching several houses down both ends of the streets.

While the security at the gate appeared to be a shove away from being overrun by eager party goers, they managed to withstand the barrage for most of the night. The entry fee for the event was $5.

Inside, the spacious venue made it easy for youths to gather around in cliques, with many sharing bottles of booze which ranged from the least expensive brandies to high priced whiskies.

Clouds of marijuana smoke wafted in from the partya��s peripheries, as youths indulged in the notorious leaf.

The DJ corner was the partya��s most impressive point, with some of the citya��s best up-coming masters on the decks.

The well lit stage became the life of the party, with many gravitating towards it.

The organisation of the party was impressive enough to attract youths in their late 20s and early 30s, which is not usually the case with parties of that ilk.

The night wore on as the music belted and youths snuggled in each othera��s arms as the alcohol took over.

Finally the party wrapped up at around 1am with many heading home while others trickled to the citya��s bars and nightclubs as they bade farewell to the citya��s Kalawa of Vuzu parties. tinidazole priscription.