Byo woman mourns, buries husband alone

Chido Macherenje
A BULAWAYO woman allegedly insisted that the funeral wake for her late husband be held at her Emabutweni lodgings because she wanted to collect two rand coins from the neighbourhood which is the norm when a neighbour has a bereavement in the suburb.

This was despite her husbanda��s family insisting that the funeral wake be held at their family home in Njube.
Feluna Maphosa had been married to the deceased Dawusi Phiri for the past 27 years.

During the bereavement, the wife and husbanda��s family clashed when the former insisted that the bereavement process should take place at their lodgings and not at the family house in Njube, with the latter alleging that she only wanted to collect the mere 2 rand per household.

Phiria��s brother, expressed great pain and anger at how Maphosa handled the whole burial process.

a�?We told her that it is taboo to have people mourn at her lodgings yet there is a family home, Phiri had been sick for a while and we had wanted the elders to perform a traditional ritual but she did not want. We dona��t understand why she would abandon the family house because of collection of 2 rand coins in which initially we had already told her we will fund all the expenses,a�? said Phiri.

Relatives who had already gathered at the family house in Njube were shocked to be told that the bereavement was being carried out at Maphosaa��s house.

Maphosa took everything into her hands and family members of the deceased did not find their way to the graveyard and do not know where the deceased was laid to rest.

a�?As we speak, we do not know where Dawusi was put to rest, she went to the graveyard with her friends to bury him, and never bothered to involve anybody from Phiria��s family,a�? said the brother.

On visiting Maphosa for a comment she was not at home but her aunt who did not want her name known said that the clash between the family of Dawusi and Feluna comes a long way.

a�?The tense history between Feluna and her in-laws comes a long way and I am in no position to be a go between the two or to even comment on the issue as to why she decided to bury him without their consent,a�? she said.

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