Byo has hunger for local content

castNhlalwenhle Ngwenya
EVER SINCE the world has been zeroed into a global village, local artistes pursuing different genres are having a torrid time trying to meet international standards.The same can be said in reflection of Bulawayo artistes who are having a hard time in a quest to penetrate local audiences who are already nourished with foreign content.

Quality of content being the main driving factor of choice, local artistes have a mammoth task ahead.

In light of the recent movies Madlela and Qiniso that premiered at Elite 400 and Rainbow city cinemas respectively, Bulawayo audience set the record straight that they support local acts in every regard, thereby disputing the usual belief by artistes that people from Bulawayo do not support their own productions.

After both movies, audiences could be heard complaining about the quality of the movies.

From this perspective it seems local artistes are at a point where they expect people to support them on the sheer basis of being based in Bulawayo rather than on delivering quality productions.

Amakhosi Arts director, Cont Mhlanga, believes that like in any other profession, artistes should take their work seriously to gain mileage in the industry.

a�?The quality of these movies is disappointing, because the new film makers dona��t want to embrace the art of film making which is offered in different schools and colleges. They just rush with cameras and come up with hurried efforts that disappoint fans, who go on to abandon any future shows,a�? he said.

Mhlanga further attributed bad quality displayed by most film makers, who are novices, as a sling that sets audiences complaining and seeking entertainment elsewhere.

a�?With this level of bad quality in productions I am not surprised that artistes go on to blame people of Bulawayo, while some of these artistes are failing to deliver. Ita��s not the audience which has a problem, but artistes are to blame for the problems which are bedevilling them,a�? he said.

Film producer and script writer, Priscilla Sithole, said that local arts producers have got a task to quench the visible thirst exhibited by the local audience.

a�?Firstly I would like to congratulate the Qiniso crew for standing up and coming up with a something new. However, despite a good attendance, the crew had problems here and there that hampered their production. For example the film lacked script development and the crew lacked technical training which would have made the film a success.a�? sheA� said.

She further added that in the future, young film makers should consider the audience and the long relationship they can create.

a�?The problem with the arts industry is that we are not giving our audience quality products, but they attend our shows. In the end the crowd gets thinner and thinner as they choose other options that satisfy their entertainment needs,a�? she added.

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