Businessman in infidelity, witchcraft storm . . . a�? Stabbed while romping in car with girlfriend a�? Claims wife has 30 tikoloshes, three human skulls

Gibson Mhaka
A Bulawayo businessman is caught up in an infidelity and witchcraft storm after his wife, a manager with a beverage manufacturer made stunning disclosures that he was a bed-hopper who was habitually abusing her and accusing her of being a witch with 30 tikoloshes.
The woman, Bongani Moyo, claimed that her husband, a medical practitioner Wisdom Peresuh, was also accusing her of possessing three human skulls which she was given by a traditional healer from Domboshava to help her amass vast wealth at his expense.

She had no kind words for her husband whom she said was no stranger to controversy after he missed death by a whisker this year when he was stabbed by unknown assailants after they allegedly caught him having sex with another woman in her car at the Bulawayo Centenary Park.

She made the startling revelations that were pregnant with colour, life and humour last Friday at the Bulawayo Civil Court where she was seeking a restraining order against her husband.
She alleges that her husband of 23 years had on several occasions threatened to kill her.

a�?I had been married to Wisdom since 1991 but as from 2011 he started being violent as he was always threatening me for no apparent reason. In that same year he tried to assault me with an axe and I ran away and slept in the bush with our maid.

a�?I reported the matter to the police but did not file charges after we were counselled. He also threatened to kill me before I asked our maid to sleep with me that night. We later fled to the bush where we slept and used grass as our blankets.

a�?He is always accusing me of practising prostitution and witchcraft. He told my friends that I am a witch who had 30 tikoloshes and three human skulls that I acquired from an inyanga in Domboshava to amass wealth despite the fact that I had never been to Domboshava.

a�?He claimed that he was told by sister Hlengiwe that I killed my brother adding that he also consulted prophets who told him that I had tikoloshes.a�?

She also claimed that her abusive husband wanted to assault her with a hosepipe after he found a bottle with herbs and pink oil at his laboratory which he claimed was one of the tikoloshes.

a�?He brought a bottle with herbs and pink oil and said it was a tikoloshi which he had removed from the laboratory. He tried to assault me with a hosepipe but despite my age as I am 55-years-old I managed to run away.

a�?We went to Bulawayo Central Police Station where I testified that I was not the one who had placed that bottle in the laboratory. He later called a prophet who insisted that I was the one who had placed that bottle with herbs and said it was a tikoloshi.a�?

Moyo went on to claim that her husband was not sleeping at home and was always coming home at around 2 am from his secret escapades.

a�?He has girlfriends and is not sleeping at home as he is always coming at around 2 am.A� He is also taking away money from our laboratory but does not use it for family upkeep. The respondent is not taking into consideration that I am also the shareholder and director of the company.

a�?On 14 February he did not come home and I was shocked when he phoned our son claiming that he had been admitted at Matei Dei Hospital after he was stabbed by unknown assailants.

a�?Upon making investigations we discovered that he had been stabbed while having sex with another woman in my car, a Fortuner which I had given him to use. I was shocked when I found a black g-string, ladies shoes among other items in the car. I was really disturbed after the pictures of those items and blood stained vehicle went viral on the internet,a�? she said.

However, Peresuh who could neither confirm nor deny the allegations said he was not feeling well and wanted the matter be postponed.

a�?Your Worship I am not feeling well and I want the matter to be postponed to another date and in the event that the protection order is granted can it bind both of us as she is also abusing me,a�? he said.

Presiding magistrate Marylene Mtshina however, granted an interim protection order before she referred both parties for counselling and asked them to come back to court on 15 August. kroger pharmacy refills online.