Edward Mlotshwa

Burial society gossip lands in court

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WAR over people!

The chairman of Emakhandeni Zakhamizi Burial Society is at loggerheads with the ex-treasurer of the society whom he claims is defaming his character.

Mandlenkosi Tabete dragged Edward Mlotshwa to court saying confusion had rocked the society because of his lies.

In trying to solve the matter, he asked the courts to ban Mlotshwa from communicating with members of the burial society.

a�?Mlotshwa is a former member of the burial society. We are having problems with him as he is telling some members lies.

a�?He used to be the treasurer and stole $4 609, 20. He then ran away and stayed in South Africa for years. Now that he is back, he is trying to shift blame by asking people if I gave them their money, pretending as if he paid it back

a�?This is causing confusion to members as they now think Mlotshwa brought back the money. I want him to be barred from communicating with any member of the burial society in any way,a�? said Tabete.

He further revealed that he no longer had peace in his life as some people believed Mlotshwa and they were demanding money from him.

In response, Mlotshwa disputed the allegations saying: a�?I do not know what he is talking about as I have been sick for a long time.

a�?I never ran away, but had gone to South Africa to seek medical help and I bought them blazers with the money I had.a�?

Presiding Western Commonage magistrate Tancy Dube granted the order in favour of applicant and Mlotshwa is not supposed to make false allegations against respondent or defame him. buy cialis cheap. tofranil price. buy teva viagra 254.