Brown Sugar

Brown Sugar’s sweet

Fungai Muderere, recently in Victoria Falls
APTLY named Brown Sugar – a night club in the resort town of Victoria Falls frequented by the youth, some of school going age – has raised the ire of the local combined residents association for the rot being exposed to the people of the high density suburb of Chinotimba and surrounding areas.

The ‘youth oriented’ club which has become a haven for older men including white tourists seeking young women for sexual pleasure is exposing residents of the resort town to ‘taboo’ according to Morgen Dube, the residents association chairman.

So dire is the situation that Dube has taken it upon himself to report the shenanigans that take place at the club to higher authorities.

B-Metro was prompted to investigate the activities at Brown Sugar after receiving letters from residents in Chinotimba and surrounding areas that complained that the club was soiling the image of the resort town as well as exposing their children to sexually transmitted diseases as well as other social ills.

And Dube could not agree more citing his association’s obligation to report the matter to higher authorities.

“Yes, there is such a place called Brown Sugar. I have not been there myself but however, due to the fact that some complaints have been raised in some quarters, we now have an obligation to raise alarm with higher authorities. We are a society that does not want to cultivate a culture that might be deemed taboo,” said Dube.

He added: “Victoria Falls is a tourist destination and we wouldn’t want to portray an image that will make our tourists insecure in terms of health and crime. Youths are delicate people and we wouldn’t want to see them engage in prostitution which may lead to health hazards.”

Mthulisi Sibanda, a resident at Chinotimba said many parents in the border town had expressed the view that teenagers were better off engaged in activities such as arts, sports and social service rather than frequenting nightclubs.

In a letter addressed to this publication, another resident in the resort town, Learnmore Ndlovu wrote: “..It is with a heavy heart that I write to you as a concerned Victoria Falls resident of 20 years. I am worried about the increase in girl child prostitutes in our town. There is a place called Brown Sugar night spot which of late has become a hotspot for girls as young as 12 years. This place is open throughout the night and it is the place for cheap young girls from Chinotimba high density suburb and the communal areas who come to sell their bodies…”

Then it was time for B Metro to go undercover and experience first-hand the unholy activities that take place at the night club.

A local lady of the night, most likely aged between 17 and 19 years old had this to say about Brown Sugar.

“We really used to have fun here. This place rocks. I think people really squandered their money at this joint between 1 and 31 December. It was a place to be. Wait for some time, maybe you will see people flocking here,” said the young looking “lady of the night” unaware that she was speaking to a B Metro reporter in the presence of her colleagues.

Maybe after noticing that two is company and the third one is a crowd, the light skinned lady went “I’m taking a whisky, can you buy me a soft drink to dilute.”

Seeking to find out more about the joint, this reporter did not hesitate to pay for a soft drink.

“Even white people who are targeting young girls frequent this place. Most of the young girls have full consent of their parents and guardians to party until the wee hours of the morning,” said the hooker scornfully looking at my aging colleague.

“So where are you coming from? ……..If you want me to show you others places of entertainment, I can do so provided that you will bring me back here,” she said.

Alas, we lost on our “catch”.

After noticing that there was some kind of resistance from the crew, she gradually disappeared from our vicinity and it was not long that she and her friend were now in the company of seemingly free spending white men.

Still not satisfied on what was transpiring, this reporter made frantic efforts to become temporary friends with the white men.

Fun Guy is how they pronounced my name before I gave one of them a local surname Nxumalo.

They took to the dance floor and it was not long that the long lenses began to feast on them while they held the girls so tight but we were never tempted to touch as we were against the idea of bargaining for more- consequently the “real taste” of brown sugar evaded us.

Spirited efforts to get a comment from the owner of the bar who was only identified as Sam were fruitless as his mobile phone was not reachable.