Chengeto and Alex

Brown siblings turn to music amid tragedy

Bruce Ndlovu
Over the last few years, the lives of the children of late legendary musician Andy Brown have looked to most outsiders like a stolen page from the most intense and heartbreaking Shakespearean tragedy.

The musician left behind a slew of children that seem to have been blessed with his musical genes, as they have somehow managed to flourish on stage even without his guiding hand after his death.

The most obvious example of this has been songbird Ammara Brown who has managed to grab the spotlight with her music, as she made or has been featured in some of the biggest songs released in the country over the past few years.

Off stage, however, it has been a different story.

a�?I have grieved enough to know that ita��s my physical loss because I cannot hold her but ita��s Shahlaa��s spiritual triumph because shea��s with Allah, our beloved Nina, our idolised father, Andy, our love incarnate mother, Soraya, our sister Chiedza and yes, Chiwoniso,a�? wrote Ammara last week.

The songbird wrote this after the Brown family had lost another child, Shahla, after the suicide of Chiedza in September last year. Shahlaa��s made it the fourth death that the family had collectively suffered since the passing of Brown.

Amid all of this tragedy however, two of Browna��s children have seen it fit to combine their talents and continue the rich Brown musical legacy.

Alex, a 20-year-old guitarist who shared the stage with Andy on his last international gig in Sweden, is now performing with prodigious multi instrument playing sister Chengeto (ABOVE), who is also 20 years old.

The two shared the stage at Pariah State alongside hip-hop artiste Metaphysics and Carlprit last Friday while they have also performed at Unplugged in the capital in addition to appearances on local radio stations.

For Chengeto, the recent losses in their family have drawn the two siblings, both who are largely based in the United States, together.

a�?I guess nothing brings people together like loss. If there is one thing that death does I think it is bringing those that are left together and that is something that we have learnt,a�? she said. cialis 5mg for sale.