Martin Khumalo and Georginah Matakataka

a�?Brothersa�� of peace: Man finances ex-wife, toyboya��s drinking sprees

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BLESSER extraordinaire!

A Sizinda man freely buys his ex-wife and her current husband booze and joins them for a nice time from time to time.

This kind of arrangement has got people in the area mumbling and gossiping about the woman Georginah Matakataka who hooked up with a toyboy Martin Khumalo as she pushed her now ex-husband identified as Mhlanga to the side.

Some say Mutakataka has two husbands and she laughs it off as a mere a�?rumoura�?.

A neighbour spoke to B-Metro.

a�?We have never seen such. This woman has two husbands and it seems the men do not mind as you find them having a great time together. Ita��s really strange because under normal circumstances no one would like to be with his ex-wife and her new lover.a�?

Matakataka told B-Metro that there was nothing wrong with her arrangement because what happened between her ex-husband and her was an a�?amicablea�? divorce.

a�?Mhlanga is my ex-husband and we parted ways amicably. Khumalo moved to my house later and these two are in good books, thata��s the reason Mhlanga still visits us anytime he wants,a�? she said.

She also made it clear that shea��s in love with Khumalo.

a�?Ia��m only in love with Khumalo and ita��s jealous people fabricating stories,a�? she added.

Khumalo, the man of the house, accepts that his wife has a past and he knows about the man she was with before him and they get along well.

a�?Mhlanga is a nice man and he accepted that ita��s over between my wife and him. Hea��s the one who comes to our home and takes us out for drinks.

a�?We have never fought and everything is going well as the three of us are in good books,a�? said Khumalo.

Efforts to get a comment from Mhlanga were fruitless. provental inhaler without a script.

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    i don’t see anything wrong with this guy as long as he is not hit it too… people are not used to it….nigga living the American white-man life style… kudoos to you sir