Bricks, manager go separate ways

Ita��s been a very rough year for kwaito star Brickz, if he isna��t in and out of court hea��s probably in a spat with his industry peers and now its been revealed that the artist is calling it quits with his manager Mayisela.
Mayisela began working with Brickz in 2008 after his rather public break up with DJ Cleo (Till today we still think that was a wrong move from Mabrigado)A� Seriously, when was the last time you heard a Brickz hit song without DJ Cleoa��s magic touch, dona��t worry wea��ll wait.

The word on these gossip streets is that Brickz refuses to work with Mayisela since he (Mayisela) cheated Brickz out of a certain lump sum of money and a woman, seriously Brickz a woman?A� We can understand the money issue but surely you have enough women falling to your feet.

The hostile behaviour between the two began during Brickz rape bail hearing at the Roodepoort Magistratea��s Court, according to sources Mayisela was apparently vowed to not set foot in court during the trial as this mighta��ve caused even greater

With regards to the money, Brickz refused to comment on the amount Mayisela had allegedly cheated him out of.A� As we all know therea��s always two sides of a story and so Mayisela dismissed Brickza��s claims as nonsense.

Mayisela claims that the kwaito star was jealous of the attention that was given to the new maskandi artist that signed to Mpozisi Entertainment. – Online viagra for sale mastercard.