Breasts, pubic hair vanish after romp with married man?

Gibson Mhaka
A woman from Gokwe got the shock of her life when she woke up in the morning to discover that her breasts and pubic hair had mysteriously disappeared after sleeping with a married man. It is alleged that the woman, Muchaneta Mazvuva, from Katunhumara Village under Chief Nemangwe attempted to commit suicide after discovering that her a�?dairy farma�? had disappeared and her private area mysteriously shaven.

According to a source from the area where the incident occurred, people suspected that ulunyoka (traditional juju used to punish a spouse who cheats) was used in Mazvuvaa��s misery.

Mazvuva had been previously warned by her lovera��s wife to stay away from her husband. The name of the husband has been established by this publication only as Manatsa.

a�?What happened is that the morning after sleeping with Manatsa, Mazvuva was shocked when she discovered that her breasts were missing and her pubic hair had been shaved. The incident came to light after Muzvuva attempted to take her own life by drinking a pesticide. Investigations by her relatives later revealed that her breasts and pubicA� hair disappeared after she slept withA� Manatsa.

a�?The relatives tried to seek help from different traditional healers to no avail until they approached Manatsaa��s wife who told them that she would only entertain them after they approached Chief Nemangwe to have Mazvuva summoned for her adulterous behaviour,a�? said the source who preferred anonymity.

Contacted for comment Chief Nemangwe confirmed the incident saying although no formal report had been made at his traditional court, he heard it from his subjects.

a�?I just heard it from some of my subjects and I am looking forward for the parties involved to come to me and make a formal report. However, considering the nature of the case maybe Mazvuvaa��s relatives are pleading with her lovera��s wife to a�?unlocka�� her so as to avoid her from being publicl humiliated as is always the case if someone is summoned to the traditional court,a�? said Chief Nemangwe. lowest price for prevacid.