break in

Break-in lover torments family

Nhlalwenhle Ncube
DURING the dead of the night Stanford Phiri would go to his now ex-girlfriend Shelter Ncube’s place but whenever her family refused him entry he would break in.

He would leave a trail of destruction such as broken burglar bars, windows and doors. It got to a point that Shelter’s uncle Nkosizile Nkala sought legal assistance to put a stop to it.

“We no longer have peace at home because of my niece’s boyfriend who comes to visit her in the middle of the night. When we ignore  him he breaks the burglar bar, door and window to forcibly get inside and see my niece,” said Nkala.

He further revealed that although his niece dumped Phiri he still continues with his bad behaviour and the whole family is living in fear.

“Although they are no longer together he still comes to our home and even when he spots us together he fights me,” added Nkala.

Phiri said he fails to control his temper and it is worse when he wants to meet Ncube.

“I fail to control my temper when I get angry and that is the reason I behave that way because I will be eager to see her.

“From today I accept that she is no longer interested in me,” said Phiri.

The presiding magistrate Tancy Dube granted the order in the applicant’s favour and Phiri was instructed not to go to applicant’s home, communicate and to keep peace towards the applicant.