BPA transfer window closes

THE Bulawayo Pool Association mid-season transfer window will close on Saturday. The player transfer window opened on 6 July and the first half of the 2014 season ended on the day the mid-season transfer opened with clubs in both leagues a��Premier and Division One – completing their scheduled matches.

BPA secretary-general Raphael Mukucha said during the transfer window teams were encouraged to organise friendly games to remain in shape.

Turning to umpires, Mukucha said the BPA executive has noted that most abandoned games were as a result of umpires not agreeing on the course of action to take whenever a dispute arises during a match. He said some teams deliberately field controversial umpires when they were trailing in order to master mind abandonment of a game.

In order to nip in the bad such tendencies, Mukucha said each club shall submit four names of umpires that they are going to use to umpire their games for the second half. These names must be submitted before the start of the second half on 2 August.

He said in the event that the four umpires submitted by a club were all not present during any particular match, the team must advise the chairman of referees John Mahachi before the commencement of the game.

He also added that teams can request independent umpires from Mahachi to officiate at their normal league match. The independent umpire shall be paid a total of $10 by the teams concerned.

He said it is interesting to note that those teams that have requested independent umpires in the first half reported that they have had good games with zero disturbances.

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