Farai Nyandoro

BPA adopts scotch double rules

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THE Bulawayo Pool Association (BPA) will after their mid-season break adopt the scotch doubles rules to conform to international standards.

a�?We will start using the scotch doubles playing rules soon after our mid season break which will start. The leaguea��s affiliates have been using eight ball rules and as an association we have seen it fit to adopt internationally recognised playing rules,a�? said BPA publicity officer Farai Nyandoro

a�?For the scotch doubles, a player racks the balls in a traditional triangular rack. Place the eight ball in the centre of the rack, with the point of the triangle resting on the footspot, the small white spot at one end of the table. Rack the remaining balls with a striped ball in one corner and a solid ball in the other at the bottom of the triangle.

One player from the home team breaks the rack by placing the cue ball behind the headstring (the small white spot at the other end of the table) and hitting it towards the racked balls. If the breaker pushes at least four balls to a cushion, or if he pockets at least one ball, it is considered a legal break. If not, a player on the other team can choose to shoot where the balls lays, to re-rack the balls and have the original breaker shoot again or to re-rack and break it himself,a�? added Nyandoro.

He also mentioned that if the breaker pockets any balls during the break it does not determine the solid or stripe designating of his team.

a�?No matter what, the board is open after the break shot, meaning that any player can shoot for any ball. If the breaker sinks any balls on the break, his partner takes the next turn. Partners take turns shooting until one of them does not make a ball. Play then passes to the other team, which uses the same procedure.

The first player to sink a ball after the break determines solids and stripes based on what type of ball he sinks. From then on, players must hit one of their group balls with the cue ball first, and should only shoot to pocket his group.A� In professional shooting, a player must call his shots, or indicate into which pocket he will sink the ball. If he fails to call his shot, he loses his teama��s turn. Once a team pockets all of its group balls, the players shoot for the eight ball,a�? he said. ordinare viagra per telefono. how to take cialis 20 mg tabs.