Nodumo Moyo

Boyfriend attacks lovera��s husband, demands son

Nhlalwenhle Ncube
A man from Bulawayoa��s Old Lobengula suburb reportedly caused drama when he descended on his married girlfrienda��s home demanding his son before setting the house alight.

Dowell Ndlovu, from the same suburb, reportedly declared that he could not continue sharing his girlfriend Nodumo Moyo with George Mhlanga, the womana��s husband.

Mhlanga got the shock of his life because all along, his wife made him believe that he was the father of the six-year-old boy.

Ndlovu reportedly made it clear that he had not only come for the child, but for its mother as well.

The stunned Mhlanga was left with no choice, but to lock his family in the house and avoid further embarrassment.

A neighbour who spoke on condition of anonymity said Nodumo had been cheating on her husband with Ndlovu.

a�?Ndlovu stays in the same area and he just arrived at the couplea��s house and started shouting at Mhlanga.

a�?He told him that he had come for his wife and child accusing him of being a useless man who was unable to sexually satisfy his woman.

a�?Since a lot of people had gathered to see what was happening, Mhlanga and his family got into the house and locked the doors.a�?

The fuming Ndlovu then revealed that since Mhlanga was refusing to release the woman and child, he was killing all of them.

a�?He then broke windows before setting the house on fire. Neighbours swiftly putA� out the fire before calling the police,a�? said the source.

Ndlovu reportedly ran away and his whereabouts are unknown.

Moyo confirmed the incident before asking Mhlanga to narrate what transpired but Mhlanga was mum.

a�?There is nothing I can say,a�? he said. buy tadalafil.