Boy (7) burns house to fix sister

AN enraged boy aged seven reportedly set his home alight after having a misunderstanding with his sister in Sontala village, Kezi in Matabeleland South.

The family lost all the property as they failed to put out the fire.

The incident happened when other family members were away at the fields.

The boya��s mother Sinanzeni Phiri revealed that she suspected her son was haunted by evil spirits.

a�?I was at the fields when the incident happened. When we saw the smoke we rushed home and tried to take out property, but it was too late.

a�?We lost everything. A few days before the incident I was having terrible dreams. In the dreams, the boy was being attacked by people and at times he was swimming in a lake struggling to come to our side. I believe ita��s either my son was bewitched or evil spirits are responsible for this because he does not even recall what happened,a�? said Phiri.

A reliable source from the village revealed that the boy became angry after his sister had taken a box of matches from him.

a�?The boya��s sister took matches which he was playing with and little did she know that the boy had an option as he later set the hut on fire to fix her.

a�?The mother said no disciplinary measures should be taken on the boy because she believes there are forces behind his behaviour.a�?

Efforts to get a comment from Matabeleland South police spokesperson were fruitless. sri lanka sex tablets.