Boxer Thamsanqa now kombis bouncer

Tracey Jaka/ Sisasenkosi Ncube
Monya for hire!

Former World Boxing Association Pan-African champion Thamsanqa Dube is flexing his muscles as the a�?leader of bouncersa�? hired by transport operators on the Pumula-City Centre route in Bulawayo.

He doesna��t like being called a tout.

a�?Ia��m not a TOUT! I lead bouncers barring kombis which are not from Pumula poaching passengers in Pumulaa��s turf,a�? said Dube.

He said he took up the offer because he was a respected member of the community.

a�?Pumula drivers asked me to help them since Ia��m someone they know and respect. Besides that Ia��m working on bouncing back on the ring,a�? said the former pugilist.

A source contradicting Dubea��s story described him as someone giving up on life.

a�?He is now weak and spends the whole day drinking, and has become lazy and is giving up on life, maybe thata��s the reason why hea��s now a rank marshal,a�? the source said.

Dube said he was a responsible drinker.

a�?Of course I take beer responsibly. Ia��m not a drunkard, perhaps ita��s because people see me hanging around with people who drink alcohol too,a�? he added.

However, Dube admits that boxing is somewhat dead and so for him to fend for his family he does part time jobs such as fixing gates and door frames. alli slimming pills.