Nhlanhla Dube

Bosso ecd ‘captured’. . .captain, ceo speak on grugs

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HIGHLANDERS’ vice-captain Gabriel Nyoni has weighed in on the ongoing heated debates about the team’s players who indulge in drugs and date older women.
Nyoni, whom many admired as a quiet player, who seemingly minds his own business, could not help but issue a public outcry on the scourge of drug abuse that has hit the local football fraternity.

His comment on drug addiction among players has since attracted a wave of insinuations, mainly based on that young footballers in the country are faced with a “drug and alcohol abuse habit” that if not well managed, could plunge the game into a crisis.

Sadly, older women who come in as “jaguars” and “cougars” add on to the destruction of young talent.

Only a fortnight ago, B-Metro Sport went out and exposed that a cartel of old women in Bulawayo’s high density suburbs is preying on Bosso’s young players.

This could be what forced Nyoni to add his voice on the issue.

“We train two hours a day and the mind is idle for 22 hours. An idle mind is the devil’s playground. Sin begins in the mind. Let’s find something positive to do after training rather than taking drugs, said Nyoni on Twitter on Wednesday.

Moments after this, football pundits and fans aired their views, with many of them lashing out at the rampant increase of reports on drug abuse.

Former Bosso chief executive Ndumiso Gumede heaped praise on Nyoni’s tweet.

“Good point raised by the captain as part of the leadership.”

Faith Silandulo Dube, a Highlanders club member reckoned: “We have to do breathalyser tests before match days and training sessions at least. Sundowns (Mamelodi) are doing it,” he said.

Club CEO Nhlanhla Bahlangene Dube couldn’t keep quiet.

He said players are falling victim to the illicit drug popularly known as ingoma or Bronco.

“The pressures on a young footballer can be debilitating. Fame, admiration, testosterone, ego and the premature feeling of arrival . . . Late nights, parties, friends and misleading scrubs are all a frightening forest of landmines. The current scourge is Ngoma/ Broncure. Help!!!!”

Former Warriors and Caps United attacking midfielder Alois Bunjira also argued in Nyoni’s corner.

“Well said young man,” said Bunjira.

Already, tempers have flared at Highlanders, with some fans trading wordy fights on twitter following the expose by this publication on the wreck that has engulfed the team camp.

Bosso are reportedly not the only team affected by alleged drug abuse and Dube further reckons that it is a national crisis.

“The code of conduct attempts to deal with these issues. The difficulty however, is confirming the behaviour. There’s lots of secrecy and denial. What shows it up is negative or receding performance. Unfortunately we’re as a country still lagging behind on the medical tests side,” said Dube.