Bonang hits 1-million twitter followers

Piggy-backing on her success at the Nickelodeon Kidsa�� Awards in Los Angeles this past weekend, Bonang Matheba has to be given props for another achievement.Queen Beea��s twitter account has been gone platinum as she has reached 1 million views on Tuesday.

She has beat out other popular radio hosts such as Gareth Cliff who has 938 000 followers and 5FMa��s DJ Fresh who has 844 000 tweeps behind him.

Miss Matheba could not keep the news to herself and gushed about her milestone on her twitter page.

She excitedly tweeted to her fans, a�?Leta��s start a political party!!! Lol!! #1MillionFollowersa�?

We cana��t hate on the it-girla��s success, shea��s just killing it in every sphere. how to make viagra more effective.