Bogus shipping agent nabbed

Sesisa Gumede
SCORES of Zimbabweans have over the yeara��s fallen prey to bogus shipping agents who claim to be legitimate.
However, what they do is they make the client pay a lump sum then they go on to steal the clienta��s vehicle or goods, talk about double tragedy!

A Bulawayo man, identified as Loveson Gumbo, is alleged to have been gallivanting in the streets of the United Kingdom deceiving a lot of people under the guise that he was a shipping agent.

a�?He claimed to be a shipping agent and had the papers to show for it, so I entrusted him with a truck, tractor, planter, chicken heaters and various farming implements which he was supposed to deliver in December but to date my equipmentA� and vehicles have not been delivered,a�? said Sophie Ngwenya one of the victims.

Ngwenya further revealed that her nephew was supposed to receive the goods but instead after a series of probing from Ngwenya, Gumbo finally delivered a replica of the tractor but this caused a lot of friction between the two as the a�?a�?agenta��a�� delivered an old tractor instead of the fairly new oneA� Ngwenya had given him.

a�?Upon communicating with my nephew it came out that Gumbo had not delivered my tractor and he also had not delivered the rest of the goods.A� When I queried his actions he was not upfront with me and instead he told me that the truck was too heavy so he had left it in Namibia,a�? she said.

Gumbo had banked on the fact that his client was not going to come to Zimbabwe anytime soon so after Gumboa��s relatives made a report to the police about the issue Ngwenya disappeared from the face of the earth but continued to communicate with Ngwenya.

a�?I did not want to include the police in the matter so I even offered that we could go together to Namibia, pay for the trip and collect my goods and all would have been forgotten but he continued to make false promises,a�? said Ngwenya.

The final blow came when Gumbo failed to produce any documentation proving that the vehicle had indeed been transported to Namibia and when he eventually told Ngwenya that he did not know where the truck was, she decided to come to Zimbabwe to have the issue sorted out.

The police raided Gumboa��s Riverside home and after investigation it eventually came out that Gumbo had deceived a lot of people under the same hoax during his stay in the UK.

The goods Gumbo swindled Ngwenya were worth $10A�000 and the suspect has since been released on $100 bail. motorcycle events.