Bogus a�?grand dada�? rapes 11-year-old

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A 57-year-old Mkoba man got himself in murky waters after he quenched his sexual appetite by raping an 11-year-old girl.The man, David Chimbo, appeared before Gweru magistrate Judith Taruvinga facing two counts of raping an 11 year old girl (name withheld) when she was on her way home from school and was not asked to plead.

Representing the State, the prosecutor, Gracious Rongai, told the court that on an unknown date in May, at around 4pm, the girl was walking with her friend on their way home when Chimbo approached the two and claimed to be the complainanta��s grandfather and told them to follow him.

When they arrived at Chimboa��s residence, he instructed the friend to go home saying he needed his a�?granddaughtera�? to wash plates and the friend complied.

Once inside the house, Chimbo threatened the girl with death if she told anyone and ordered her to remove her underwear and lie down on the bed, which the girl did and he raped her once.

In October, while the girl was on her way home with her friend, Chimbo used the same modus operandi and made them follow him. When they got to his gate, he told the complainanta��s friend to wait outside while the complainant washed plates.

When they were inside, Chimbo ordered the girl to remove her pant and lie down. The girl questioned his intentions, which angered the accused who produced a knife and said he would kill the girl if she did not comply.

Chimbo then raped the girl once and let her out while her friend waited outside.

The girl then narrated her ordeal to her friend, who then told her mother who reported the matter to the police, leading Chimboa��s arrest.

Chimbo was released onA� $100 bail and ordered not toA� interfere with the witnesses and report at Mkoba 1 Police Station every Friday.