I dId not take ProtectIon Fee

Bulawayo Businessman Joe Chiyangwa has denied allegations that he sought a protection fee from Perfect Shot investment director, Kelvin Mazhandua��s financial pyramid scheme which collapsed with investorsa�� money. Chiyangwa allegedly demanded a Mercedes Benz and cash from Mazhandu. Chiyangwa said contrary to reports that he was given a Mercedes Benz S350 by Mazhandu, he has six cars to his name. He said three of the cars are luxury vehicles.

a�?Why would idemand a car from a man who is struggling to pay his own clients? That would be more like shooting a man who is already down. ihave six luxury cars and i can produce evidence that i am the owner. if this guy (Mazhandu) claims i took his car, he should produce evidence that the car belongs to him,a�? chiyangwa said. Chiyangwa said he owns two Mercedes Benz vehicles a�� S350 and S500, a toyota Prado land cruiser, Madza 6, Mazda B1800 and a Nissan march. On top of that, chiyangwa said he stays in Burnside a�� one of the affluent suburbs of Bulawayo. He added: a�?iam a security consultant and have over 600 workers. ican even show you how much imake per month. if iwant cars, ican afford buying one every month .a�? Chiyangwa said he suspects Mazhandu wants to con him just like he did with thousands of his clients who are reeling in bankruptcy after his company failed to pay them their interest.

a�?I think he wants to con me. He thinks iam a small boy because he managed to con thousands of people .a�? An emotional chiyangwa said he suspects Mazhandu is being used by other forces. chiyangwa threatened to seek legal recourse against all those who have damaged his a�?good standinga�? in society. However, Mazhandu laughed off Chiyangwaa��s claims saying he has people who personally handed the cash and vehicle to chiyangwa. a�?We gave him $10 000 at cresta churchill Hotel and handed over the vehicle to him at Hotel Arms,a�? Mazhandu said. He added: a�?He demanded an agreement of sale alongside the car saying he wants to protect himself and we valued the car at less than $10 000 but the truth is he never paid a cent for that car.a�? trusted viagra sites.