Bhadilah ready to take over Zimbabwe

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Hailing from the capital of Matabeleland South, Gwanda, the musical journey for up-coming kwaito artiste Bhadilah was a thorny one especially on the means and ways of penetrating the music industry outside his hometown.

However, his nomination at this yeara��s Roil Bulawayo Arts Awards (RoilBAA) is a living testimony that the musically ambitious lad is doing well in the kwaito/ house music circles and soon he will be the next big thing.

The creativity vested in his music is what makes him a favourite in his home town and Bulawayo.

Bhadilah sings about day to day life challenges and situations, he is not that a�?wanna-bea�? artiste who sings and brags about the riches he doesna��t have, he is a simple Gwanda boy whose music reflects what youths experience.

One of the compositions which reveals he is true to himself is his new single Speperegwane featuring other Gwanda artistes Zhezhingtons and Tenricks, Donara of the Iseqamabhilidi fame is the one who complements the collaboration.

a�?The new single is about a girl who is a gold digger who refuses to date her agemates and dates blessers because they can spoil her with money and a fancy lifestyle while she doesna��t realise she is destroying her life,a�? said Bhadilah.

Is the song his true life experience?

a�?I once dated a girl who broke my heart way back only to discover she was dating a grown up man, so in the composition of the song we wanted to raise awareness to other guys that blessers are for real on the other hand encouraging young girls to desist from dating grown men,a�? he said.

As his music has already penetrated the streets of Bulawayo, Bhadilah is ready to mark his musical footprints as in August he is billed for a show in Harare, a move that will gain him exposure and relevance nationwide. buy viagra in sweden 250 buy lasix online purchase. .