Bev on stage

Bev on the rebound

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POLE dancer Beverly a�?Beva�? Sibanda has rekindled her flirtation with the southern part of Zimbabwe as she embarks on a region wide tour.

One Saturday, the last day of the Zimbabwe International Trade Fair exhibition, Bev was billed for a show at Club 263 where many of her fans thronged the venue to witness the long lost erotic entertainment delivered by the sexy dancer.

As if that was enough, on Tuesday mine workers who were gathered at Turk Mine in Bulilima District to celebrate the Workersa�� Day were treated to a a�?cleana�? family fun show by Bev and her Sex Angels.

How does Bev manage to make a clean performance during the day and turn to pole dancing at night?

Harperz Mapimhidze her manager revealed Bev has different set routines to entertain her Matabeleland fans depending on the targeted audience.

a�?As you are aware Bev has been staging a couple of shows in Matabeleland, she did a show at Club 263 targeting his fans that enjoy the night life and she did exceptionally well to retain her glory in the territory as she performed sexy moves that fans enjoy at night.

a�?On Workersa�� Day, she was at Turk Mine where she had a family fun show dancing clean Rhumba routines which are suitable for everyone to see, that on its own shows Bev is ready to claim her glory in Bulawayo as the finest entertaining dancer,a�? said Mapimhidze. buy rx online medicines. buy clomid reviews.