Beitbridge Pool refutes Press report

BEITBRIDGE Pool Association boss Sam Simenti has described as unfortunate media reports that the International Challenge Tournament at the weekend was marred by chaos.
The tournament featured South African Under-23 champion Ishmael Mthethwa and Zambian champion and Africaa��s doubles champion Patrick a�?Bergera�? Banda.

In an interview, Simenti said while his association did not condone violence of any form, the scuffle involving Chronicle reporter Ngqabutho Moyo and Hillary Mukamuri should not be used a measurement of the tournamenta��s success.

Moyo was left with a broken phone after clashing with the Zimbabwean champion on Sunday evening.

a�?The incident between the reporter and Hillary was just an individual scuffle, far removed from the process of the tournament,a�? said Simenti.

He added that Makamuri reportedly had an argument with the umpire following a disputed frame in which he felt a decision on the white ball had gone unfavourably against him. Moyo then recorded the dispute on his phone, a thing which riled Makamuri who then asked Moyo to delete the recording since it had nothing to do with the match.

a�?When Moyo refused to do so the two wrestled in which process Moyoa��s phone may have been damaged,a�? said Simenti.

The BBPA boss said it was not true that the players had not been paid their contractual fees adding that the players had received the money they were promised as prizes. Mthethwa who won the championship on Saturday night pocketed $380 while Banda got $170 for his efforts.

Both players confirmed to this publication that they were paid the said amounts. They also confirmed that they were refunded their travel expenses to and from Beitbridge.

Efforts to get a comment from Mukamuri proved fruitless as his mobile was unreachable.

Simenti said it was sad that instead of being lauded for their achievements they now find themselves receiving negative publicity.

a�?Such reporting is bad for the development of sports. One cannot turn an individual vendetta to target an organisation that has worked hard to achieve what major pool leagues in Harare and Bulawayo have failed to achieve in a long time. Ita��s really sad,a�? said Simenti.

Meanwhile, pool action continues this weekend as the league enters week 14.

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