'Bee Bearding' Contest In Hunan

Bees sting Bubi woman to death

Whinsley Masara
A 76-YEAR-old woman from Bubi District died after she was stung by a swarm of bees that suddenly appeared in the garden while she worked with villagers on a project.

Peggy Nkiwane of Mkhonyeni village 1, Siganda area, under Chief Mtshana who was attacked at around 9am last Wednesday, died at Inyathi District Hospital the following morning.

Inyathi District Medical Officer Dr Tafadzwa Gwera said several medical attempts were tried on the elderly woman, but because poison had already spread throughout her body, she did not respond to medication and died a few hours after the attack.

a�?An elderly woman died after she was stung by bees while working in the gardens. She was bitten excessively and was rushed to Siganda Clinic where she was then referred to Inyathi District Hospital, where she arrived at around 10 pm and was admitted although in a very bad state.

The woman was sadly vomiting bees. She was put on treatment but sadly didna��t respond and passed on at around 8 am on Thursday,a�? said Dr Gwera.

Ita��s suspected (by doctors) that because of her old age, the woman failed to run away or protect herself while other villagers fled from the bees.

Dr Gwera urged members of the public to quickly seek medical attention after such incidents.

a�?People should seek medical attention as soon as they are attacked, be it by bees, snakes and other animals. Quick medical attention helps before poison spreads throughout their bodies.a�?

A villager who spoke on condition of anonymity said the unfortunate incident happened while they were working in the garden as a group on a a�?Nutrition Projecta�?.

a�?A swarm of bees came into the garden while we were busy but we all managed to flee except uGogo uMaNkiwane who was badly stung. Our garden is close to a dam and she crawled to the dam although that didna��t help.

a�?The horrific scenario lasted for over an hour until her child arrived at the scene and tried to pull her out but that didna��t help. He was also badly stung but is recovering.A� We are in shock and sad because no one anticipated that she could die just like that,a�? said the villager.A� In May last year, two elderly women from Lupane died from a beesa�� attack also after they were stung by a swarm of bees that had settled in one of the old wardrobes at their home.

The bees went after them when the old wardrobe that they were using collapsed.

The 84-year-old one died while admitted at St Lukea��s Hospital, two days after being attacked and her niece, aged 65, died on her way to the hospital.

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