Bedroom manners a�� tips for guys

YOU might consider yourself the a�?a�?mack-daddya��a�� but when it comes to dating, one can never know it all.

Guys put a lot of effort into the a�?a�?chasea��a��, wooing the girl and pulling out all the steps to get her to fall for you but what happens after you a�?a�?catcha��a�� her? How do you ensure that she stays interested?

Do we know how to act after sex in order to have the woman with proper girlfriend qualities come back? allow yourself to be schooled.

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It is common knowledge that most of the time gents wake up with an erection and sometimes want sex on the spot, especially if they have a partner with them in bed.

Herea��s the thing a�� fact that you are aroused does not suggest that the lady is also in the mood a�� actually most women do not wake up aroused at all. They need to be turned on first, so do not just throw yourself inside at first glance.

Tell her she is beautiful and looks great
Remember that before you were all over her she was wearing make-up with her lips sparkling with lipstick and she is aware that she is now messed up a�� which might lower her self-esteem.

You need to keep the compliments you were giving before sex rolling even after.

a�?When I woke up with my boyfriend after we first slept together,a�? says Elaine (30) interviewed by MensHealth, a�?he told me how amazing my skin looked in the sunlight. He scored points for making me feel less self-conscious.a�?

a�?a�?Babe, when am I seeing you again?a��a��

To make her feel less guilty and less regretful, ask her out on another date before she leaves.

Women think about a lot of things after sex including a�?Did I give him the cookie too soon?a�?, a�?Is he going to think that I am a whore?a�?, a�?Was I too wild?a�?, a�?Was I boring?a�?, a�?Did he enjoy the sex?a�? among other things.

So by you asking her for another date, you are erasing all those questions and possible regrets.

Oh and tell her shea��s a�?a�?greata��a��
Well unless you didna��t then it might just be a bit awkward.
If you enjoyed, you really need to let her know. Make her feel good about herself. You keeping quiet after sex just leaves her with a lot of questions about how she was in bed. So let her know she was good.

Do not rush her to leave
Most of the guys have some sort of a a�?phobiaa�? of having a lady sleep over – this will not work in your favour especially if you want her to come back.

Give her your boxer shorts and a t-shirt to wear. This is a sign of appreciation and actual respect. It also shows you enjoy her company.

Offer her a drink a�� she is probably tired and thirsty from dealing with your a�?a�?thirsta��a�� in bed a�� so offer her a refreshing drink.

If you run out of ideas, play a movie she might enjoy, cuddle and watch. a�� Sowetan.