BBA nudes haunt pokello

Bruce Ndlovu
While socialite, fashionista and former reality TV star Pokello Nare has done her best to rehabilitate her image after her infamous sex tape with rapper Stunner, nude pictures from another point in her life continue to haunt her.

This week the aspiring fashion mogul had to come out and denounce steamy pictures from her time in the Big Brother house, most of which were taken during the showa��s infamous Shower Hour.

Pokello was reacting to the sudden proliferation of the images online, which she claims are being passed off as new buy those that want to drag her through the mud again.

The shower hour gave viewers the chance to be peeping Toms and watch their favourite characters while they were in their birthday suits. Pokelloa��s shower hour stints seem to have had the most impact because her baths were usually taken in a hot tub with Ghana representative and then-future hubby, Elikem.

a�?When we sign up for Big Brother Africa we are well aware that Shower Hour pics will be screenshot by some with hidden agendas. But please do not waste your time cropping Big Brother Africa headings and captions then start circulating those pics as if they are new and exclusive to you,a�? she said while highlighting a picture of her and Elikem sharing a bath while in the house.

a�?Everyone has access to the Big Brother website and can download those pics. Makatadza kundidzikisa when u had the chance,iko zvino hamuchandibata ndaenda neNyika so tenderedzai mapictures epa Reality show mofunga kuti tazomubata,a�? she concluded. ejaculation.

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