BBA league resumes

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THE Bulawayo Basketball Association (BBA) League resumes this weekend after the festive break for the second half of the season with two matches set for Friday and six more scheduled for Saturday.

Before the start of the league games on Friday,A� the BBA executive will convene a meeting to review the first half of the season and map the way forward for the second half of the season.

BBA secretary general Howard Phangwana said:

a�?The board will meet on Friday morning to look back at the first half of the season as well as set the tone for the remainder of the season which will start in the afternoon. The matches were postponed from last year because one of the Southern Mavericks executives lost his mother hence the matches could not be played at that time,a�? said Phangwana.

The womena��s Southern Mavericks start off the season against the National University of Science and Technology (Nust) followed by a mena��s game between the Southern Mavericks and Oilers.

On Saturday the BBA hierarchy will meet the club executives in a General Assembly meeting where clubs are expected to thrash out challenges faced in the first half of the season.

The action will commence with a total of six matches expected for the day with three mena��s games and the same number of matches for the ladies.

All matches will be played at the Bulawayo Club for the Disabled (BCD) where the full fixtures will be announced.