respect, love and be loyal to your husbands

Bae, not second best!

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Sisters, I hope I find you well and enjoying the festive season! This week I decided to tackle one of the most controversial issues which can cause tempers to flare when discussed.

It just happened that last week I attended a certain church congress and for a moment I got lost as I could not understand womena��s behaviour following the way they behaved and treated their pastor, I mean the man of God as they prefer to call him.

After observing what was happening, I couldna��t resist, but the question which started boggling my mind since the congress is, are pastors really more important than husbands?

It is at that time that I wished to have supernatural powers and be able to go through their hearts and see if their husbands still had a special place or it all belonged to the man of the cloth.

Get me right, there is nothing wrong with going to church and believing that your papa is heaven-sent, but know where to draw the line. Seriously, I do not wish to be a pastora��s wife because definitely I would die of high blood pressure considering things done by other women to my husband. Of course competition is healthy, but not what I saw at that congress.

The attention is too much and I have no doubt that few, if not none of their husbands ever get such attention and love. Why is it that a�?PASTORSa�? are treated in a more special way as compared to husbands?

All I know is that the Bible in 1 Peter 3:1 says: a�?Wives, in the same way submit yourselves to your own husbands so that, if any of them do not believe the word, they may be won over without words by the behaviour of their wives.a�?

To begin with, you know some women are too sweet to their pastors and the way they address them leaves their husband without a choice, but feeling as if they are not important. Remember that men are jealous!

Get me right, there is no problem with respecting your pastor and all, but my point is that in whatever you do, remember he is a mere pastor and has got his own wife and you also have your own bae.

You know there are women who have never knelt before their husbands, hugged them in public and sang praises for them (bebatema) but they always do that for their pastors.

Even when the pastors visit their homes, they take those special plates which they have never used to serve their husbands and they will be smiling throughout, a thing they fail to do for men who provide everything for them.
Sisters, is it really fair to treat husbands like second best?

I believe that is not acceptable. Every man deserves to be treated in a special way and remember that the pastor also has got his own wife. Even if you want to prove your respect and love for him, never forget your limits, he is your pastor!

At times, women are the ones who lead pastors to start taking advantage of them because of the way they present themselves before him.

Remember the man of God is also a human being and is tempted as well. Do not lead or provoke him into a�?dirtya�? thoughts because of the way you hug him or behave before him.

Sisters, even if you admire your pastora��s personality and wish your husband could be like him, never make the mistake of showing it and making your hubby appear useless. Remember showing him your love and respect can be the only thing that can challenge him.

Many men after realising that their wives treat them second to pastors, feel useless and once you play around with a mana��s ego, you would have destroyed him completely! Believe me, do not play around with your mana��s ego.

Love your husband; leave him with no room for doubting your love. Men love to feel important and ita��s easy to get things done your way if you treat them in a special way. I know most women treat their pastors the way they do because they are campaigning for a�?prayera�? favours.

Also take note of the way you speak to your husband and compare it with the way you address your pastor.

The other thing I noticed is that there are some women who are always defensive when you talk negative about their pastors, but the same people will go around assassinating their own husbandsa�� characters with what they say in their absence.

Always be careful about what you say in public about your husband. Defend your hubby the same way you do when it comes to your pastor.

Sisters, respect, love and be loyal to your husbands knowing that they are even more important than the pastors.

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