Baboon spectacle in CBD

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A BABOON caused chaos in the Bulawayo Central Business District (CBD) after it was spotted by pedestrians relaxing on top of the Astra Building on Tuesday.

The animal drew attention as people looked at it as if they were at a game park. Some took pictures and videos while the animal was showboating its jungle dangling skills.

a�?It was jumping from roof to roof and then it got into someonea��s apartment. The window was open so it had easy access,a�? said Thembelihle Ndiweni.

The family that got an unwelcome surprise visit into their flat told B-Metro that they managed to chase it out of their flat.

a�?When it jumped in I heard people screaming. I was a bit confused because I had just woken up. I then went straight to the window only to hear people yelling about a baboon that had jumped into my apartment. I called my husband in panic and when he came in, the baboon was moving from room to room. Thankfully, we managed to get it out of all the rooms save for one nearest to the window where it managed to escape,a�? said Bonginkosi Mlilo.

In 2012 a baboon made a surprise appearance in the city centre. It reportedly started moving around the city centre at about 7am while carrying its baby and caused chaos as residents chased it all over the place, saying it was taboo to see a baboon roaming the city centre.

Residents alleged that it came out of a truck that was delivering fruits and vegetables at a market, situated along 5th Avenue. order fluoxetine online malaria pills online no prescription. .

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    Come o Beitbridge; there is nothing taboo about seeing a baboon being a baboon.