B-Metro Comment: Where exactly are we losing it as a people?

SO much has been said about moral decadence, the bizarre and the weird that take place within our communities.

Some of the happenings, unbelievable as they might sound, are a strong indicator of which way our moral compass is hurtling ominously towards.

Our constant condonation of what is downright unacceptable and morally reprehensible makes us as guilty as those involved in the misdeeds. Indeed we have the right to choose our life partners, our political associations and many other rights that we use or abuse whenever it suits us.

However, there comes a time when we have to draw a line, especially when onea��s choices impede the rest of the communitya��s exercise of and enjoyment of their own rights.

Elsewhere in this issue we have the story of a man from Gokwe that has reportedly eloped with his stepmother, leaving his ailing father battling for life alone. The very act of the man having a sexual relationship with his stepmother leading to a pregnancy is an abomination.

Could we be witnessing the re-enactment of the events of the Biblical Sodom and Gomorrah?

Where exactly are we losing it as a people that one can go to the extent of seeking to marry their own mother? And this is taking place in Gokwe, a rural community where chiefs normally ensure that traditions are preserved.

We believe it is not part of our tradition to promote incest in any form. It is not only illegal but morally unacceptable.

We have also carried a story in our pages of a man from Gokwe that eloped with his fathera��s bride that he had been bequeathed by her family. The man ran off with the woman to South Africa and the father cursed him, warning that they would never bear children and that he had to return a�?a�?hisa��a�� wife.

This growing trend should be nipped in the bud lest fathers start viewing their sons as enemies and seek to eliminate them before they take over their wives.

Unlike in the earlier case, however, the ailing father in the latest case has blessed the relationship between his wife and his son. This has shocked the Gokwe community that threatened the couple, leading to their disappearance following their defiant stance at a recent traditional court hearing of their case.

Could psychologists and other experts perhaps have an answer to the rise in the blurring of traditional relations and such behaviours that are quite taboo. We also feel that this is a national problem that needs to be tackled at that level since there are no guarantees that what happened in Gokwe and elsewhere according to Press reports, will not spread throughout the country.

We have seen so many evil practices being slowly embraced under the guise of rights and it is our hope that incest will not be the latest addition to the growing list. Humanity would indeed be on the precipice if we fail to distinguish between right and wrong, if we prey on our offspring and also parents cannot be assured of safety from their childrena��s wild sexual advances. God help us.