B-METRO COMMENT: The impact of social media on people’s lives

THE use of social media in the lives of people is undoubtedly a topic that divides opinion as some people think it is an amazing tool for disseminating information while others are worried about its impact on people’s lives.

Although we are all familiar with the dark side of social media use, there are also some positive effects, a case in point is the quick and positive identification of Frederick Cain Nyathi from Hwange who died in a road accident in Tanzania on 23 January.

Nyathi’s death was posted from Tanzania on many WhatsApp groups by Walter Sande, an official from the Zimbabwean Embassy in Dar es Salaam.

As many people were thinking that the death message was a hoax, as is always the case with other death messages, investigations by B-Metro revealed that the post was a real one.

The message which was posted by Sande reads:

“The Zimbabwean Embassy in Tanzania is looking for anyone who might know relatives of Frederick Cain Nyathi, a Zimbabwean who died on the spot in a car accident on 23 January here in Dar es Salaam. Please post to all groups you may have and if you get information let me know and I will pass on to Zim ambassador.”

After the message was posted and circulated on many WhatsApp groups, people quickly responded with some expressing their condolences informing Sande that Nyathi was based in Hwange where he was employed by Hwange Power Station.

The message was later passed on to some of his relatives in Hwange who revealed to Sande that Nyathi met his fate in Tanzania where he had gone to collect his car.

Although no official comment was obtained from Nyathi’s family and relatives, an official from Hwange Power Station confirmed that Nyathi was indeed employed by their company until the time of his death.

Speaking from Tanzania Sande said the WhatsApp message he posted on many WhatsApp groups yielded positive results as people quickly identified Nyathi and alerted him and his relatives in the coal mining town.

Let’s embrace social media, after all this is the “” era.