B-METRO COMMENT: Support key for scholars to excel

FOLLOWING months of rumours and rabid speculation about Ordinary Level results on social media, the results were finally officially released this week and many candidates have already collected theirs. A�

We are well aware that the period between the examinations and the release of the results can be quite stressful for many candidates largely due to the importance of the O-level qualification.

It is quite encouraging that the results this year have shown a five percent improvement over the previous year and it is our hope that this trend is maintained.

Now that the results are out, educationists and parents alike need to offer support to the O-level graduates in deciding on the best career paths for those not intending to proceed to Advanced Level.

For those intending to proceed to A-level, it is our hope that the Governmenta��s call for students to embrace science subjects, and the added incentive of free schooling at A-level for science students, would result in more science students to the long-term benefit of the country.

It is a crucial period for many O-level candidates, many of them very young and still blown to and from by peer pressure.

We are aware that career guidance is offered at schools before examinations but we believe some of the pupils never take the sessions seriously and cannot make up their minds in the absence of their results. It is our hope that such career guidance can be made available to these young people since the job market is quite saturated and needs skills that are more than just an O-level certificate.

As we navigate through the disappointments of failure against high hopes when the year ended, let us ensure that as parents and young people faced with such stress we do not let despair drive us to crazy levels.

We have witnessed in the past parents putting so much pressure on their children to a point that some commit suicide over poor results. They should be made to pick themselves up since failing an examination does not make one a failure in life.

Let us encourage those that did not perform well so that they persevere and hopefully do better next time. Also, should our children opt for careers that we are not familiar with or are not happy with, we should only express our reservations but allow them to do what they are passionate about without forcing them into our chosen careers that they may not necessarily like. Support and understanding should see us through this phase in our childrena��s development. prandin generic release date.