B-METRO COMMENT: Say NO to Vuzu parties

In our last edition we reported that the notorious Vuzu parties were resurfacing under a new format where they are disguised as innocent events that target the youth. A�

Memories of the decadence that used to be traded at such parties all over the city of Bulawayo and elsewhere are still fresh, and it would appear that they never really stopped but mutated into some underground movement that is slowly rearing its ugly head.

Young people need to understand that their parents are not out to steal their joy, to muzzle their freedom, to rob them of their youth or an opportunity to make mistakes and learn from those. No. Those that dissuade them from attending such parties are aware of the dangers of such parties on their young and impressionable minds.

It might help to highlight what goes on at such parties. We have had cases of serious alcohol abuse by under-age children, drug abuse, sex orgies that result in unwanted pregnancies and diseases. This is what gives parents the shivers and most of these despicable practices are often difficult to reverse once the youths get hooked.

Also, it would also serve the young people well to reflect on the benefits of such parties to them. What is clear is that the organisers of the parties, who would never expose their children to such parties, are driven by a profit motive since they sell alcohol and drugs at such parties, with some even taking advantage of young girls.

There are also those that engage in same-sex sexual liaisons and initiate young people into such a lifestyle. Before we even call upon the police to enforce relevant legislation, it is important to urge parents to watch out for their children since an unforgiving world lurks and seeks to devour the future of their children should they choose to look the other way.

We say no to adults that organise these orgies disguised as parties in order to profit from corrupting young children. The holidays have ended but so much goes on even during the school term, during the week and even at weekends.

Our plea to the youth is that they should listen to the wise counsel of their parents. To parents who believe in financial parenting whereby they have sidelined relatives and neighbours from their childrena��s lives by simply sending money to child headed families without any adult supervision, we pray that they revise their model as many such houses have been turned into venues of such parties and other despicable practices.

Youths have every right to enjoy themselves and we believe they can have pure unadulterated joy in daylight in the open, without any stimulants and without having to hide and lie to parents that they are going to a library when they are going partying. buy orlistat in mexico viagra generico europa pagamento paypal. buying tretinoin in singapore. . where can you buy the safest viagria. buy anafranil 25mg.