New year resolution

B-METRO COMMENT: Resolve to succeed in 2016

Planning takes quite some effort be it at an organization level or even individual level.  It is not just drawing up wish lists and waving them at every available opportunity.  

It should entail scanning the environment for what is feasible under the circumstances to meet certain needs and then drawing up a plan of action that is dynamic enough to be responsive to changing environment and focused enough to withstand the winds of indecision and confusion along the way.  We are starting a New Year that marks a new beginning for many people and festivities still pierce the air as people celebrate, some almost in disbelief, that they made it into 2016.  The New Year resolution bug must surely be wreaking havoc now as many excitedly make pledges in the euphoria of the new year without thinking through what those plans will take to accomplish.  It is quite important for those planning to do great things this year to reflect on the past year and honestly take stock, learning from both failures and successes so that those lessons can motivate you as you plan for the year ahead.

There is a need to stay the course and be focused on what you need to reap from this New Year.  This calls for consistency in whatever one does and timely rectification of problem areas so that one does not deviate from their set goals.  By the way, it is quite crucial for the goals to be put in writing so that one can remember them. There is something about putting things in writing since this seems to motivate and challenge the writer, and should you go a step further and share your plans with someone, it helps even more since this creates a mechanism of checks. Your thoughts leave the realm of your skull onto a piece of paper challenging the writer to concretise them into something tangible.  It is in the planning that you can either miss it or get it right.  This applies to individuals, companies and even governments.  Governments present their budgets for the year, laying out plans on how to raise revenue and how to spend the money in a given year.

Admittedly, some of our plans can be very long term but in between there can be short term goals that feed into the bigger picture.  What is important is to keep sight of the rear view mirror and the road ahead meaning that one has to check on progress on any particular venture while also staying focused and allowing for adjustments to suit the new circumstances.  We are sure there are many people that had lofty goals in 2015, some which have just remained that.  Such people are not failures but should draw from those lessons that you do not expect something out of nothing but that there has to be pain, sacrifice before there is any tangible result.  We should never be too proud to go back to the drawing board to refine our plans where we hit a brickwall with our efforts.

There are those that sat for different examinations and are awaiting results and hence have made plans on the assumption that they shall pass.  Should that not happen, you should not lose heart but adjust the plans accordingly so that eventually you can still achieve the original goals.  We wish our nation of Zimbabwe and all its people a happy 2016 and it is our hope that by this time next year, we shall all be proud of the fruit of our plans.  As they say, failure to plan is planning to fail.  Failure is not an option in 2016.