B- METRO COMMENT: Leta��s all be proactive and innovative

SHALE villagers in the Umzingwane Rural District Council-run area partnered with their council and built a clinic.

The project, which cost $150 000 is 90 percent complete and is awaiting fitting in of equipment and staff. Villagers had been walking over 20 kilometres to access the nearest clinic in the radius.

Umzingwane Rural District Councillor Engineer Thokozani Gama who has been involved with the project is happy with the manner the villagers were proactive and innovative in developing their area.

This is one community that does not have a cry baby mentality and ita��s a model society that all can emulate because they are proactive and innovative. Shale villagers compromised and come up with very good ideas that made it easy for the local RDC to assist an already moving project. How many other communities in Zimbabwe have done such? Probably a few and they go unnoticed.

The clinic at Shale is made of locally accessible materials and the RDC just had to arrive with skilled labour. Women played a leading role ferrying water and bricks to the site.

On the other hand the men made bricks with cement and other materials that couldna��t be accessed locally. Those were supplied by the RDC in what development specialists call a�?smart economicsa�? whereby women are also involved in the development agenda and their efforts are recognised for what they are worth.

The impact that this project will have on this community is phenomenal. Maternal health has been a huge challenge for this part of the district as such the project will change the quality of healthcare for the community.

The residents built two-apartment staff quarters, a maternity ward, clinic wing and an ablution block.

The action team behind the project mobilised the village to contribute to the project either in cash or in labour.

Shale Village action team secretary Sipho Dube is happy that expecting mothers in her village would have easy access to healthcare.

This is because most women were unable to walk the 15km to the available clinics. A lot of women opted for home births as it was not easy getting to the clinics.

The lesson to draw from this industrious community is that there is no need to wait for central government to do things for us. The Government can come in later if need be because development goes beyond politics. malegra for sale in canada. cvs online chlamydia medicine. cialis schweiz. super avana review pastillas para abortar en usa. .