B-METRO COMMENT: Let us celebrate Easter safely

The excitement associated with holidays sometimes overwhelms many of our citizens resulting in happenings that would not ordinarily take place on ordinary days.

The end of the school term coincides with the Easter Holidays making it a busy period especially on our roads.  We cannot overemphasise the importance of safety on our roads and the importance of travellers to be in the right state of mind before embarking on their journeys.

Previous holidays have shown us over the years how drunken driving, fatigue, speeding and a lot of human errors can lead to accidents that claim a lot of lives on our roads.  Mechanical failures also play a part, though human error is the leading cause of accidents.  This therefore means that apart from ensuring that our vehicles are in the right condition, with proper tyres and wipers, since it has been raining across the country, drivers should be sober too.

Easter is a key holiday on the Christian calendar, that is marked across denominations with prayer and Christians will be in motion going for conferences and camps across the country.

We urge restraint on the roads and appeal to drivers to avoid crossing flooded rivers in order to be at their destinations at given times.

Recently the nation was shaken when a bus accident claimed at least 30 lives in Kwekwe, after the vehicle burst a tyre and collided with a commuter omnibus.

While the accident was declared a state of disaster with the State stepping in to help in burials, the grim fact remains that 30 families lost their loved ones, and for many, their lives will never be the same as the crash took away breadwinners and parents.

All road users sign a pledge to be careful and considerate the moment we acquire licences or choose to use the roads, either as pedestrians, passengers or drivers.

The world woke up to the shock of terror attacks in Belgium on Tuesday, where 30 people lost their lives in minutes and the story shook the world.

Similarly, losing many lives as we did through carnage could be the new frontier of terror on our roads that we need to fight head-on and relentlessly too.

Our people should not fear to travel due to our behaviour on the roads.  May safety be our motto this holiday period. We cannot afford to lose any more lives through road accidents.