B-METRO COMMENT: Keep healthy this summer!

After a seemingly endless cold winter, summer is finally here and anyone can witness that it is hot.

Some are probably missing the winter season, but summer is not all that bad — actually it is a healthy season.

Yes, there is the frustration of continuous sweating when moving around — hence it’s best to always be prepared for summer — with the right summer kit to enjoy the season.

People are different hence their choices in choosing their summer kits, but then there are those that are a must. Armpit hair must be shaved at all times.

Imagine sitting next to someone who has not shaved and as they sweat you breathe in all the bad air they are producing, disgusting right? So to avoid being the one everyone is running away from because you did not shave do it right as summer is easier to rock with shaved armpits.

There is always that golden shave on the private parts. That part must be thoroughly shaved as well to avoid sweating and producing an awful smell.

Shades, the right sandals and tank tops are part of the summer wardrobe that most people should possess. To prove that summer is definitely what the doctor has ordered for you research has proven that it is less likely for one to die of a heart attack in summer than in winter.

This is because highest levels of Vitamin D — which is synthesised by sunlight, play a protective part in those who suffer heart attacks — see that summer is not that bad at all right?

Summer time is the time most people eat more fruits and as research has proven it time and again, fruits boost the immune system and, because of their low calorie content, help with weight loss.

There is the issue of skin, where the sun’s ultraviolet rays are good for the skin — it’s like free skin therapy for those pimples, burning them and releasing all the oils that the skin had absorbed in winter.

However, no matter how good the sun is one should always wear sunscreen at all times — too much sunburn causes cancer.

Summer is an excellent time to begin an exercise. Those summer clothes we spoke about make it easier to exercise and get the body in shape. Also that feel-good factor created by sunlight boosts our enthusiasm to begin a fitness regime.

According to a study, summer exercise improves vital flow of oxygen to the brain, lowering stress levels and improving powers of concentration.

Water consumption is the most essential in this weather. It will promote digestion as it helps regulate that summer body temperature.

Health is improved and the skin is treated as the water flushes all the toxins from the body. discount drugs from india. citalapram 10mg for sale. comprar alli online viapro canadian fda approved viagra. . .